We plan and develop efficient heating and drying systems with intelligently combined measuring technology, for quality assurance, control and process monitoring .

What we do…

  • we supply:
  • turnkey systems for drying and heating, perfect integrated in your existing plants.
  • Complete production with coating, heating, drying, cooling and transportation systems
  • we can apply different energy sources ex. Electricity, gas, thermal oil and more…
  • we can implement different heat sources: Infrared radiation, Convection air, Contact heat and induction.
  • Our systems can be used in processes with wet paints, powder coatings, adhesive applications, minerals (stone, concrete, etc.), fiber material, bulk material and other customer-specific materials.

About us

  • 1999 – Company foundation – Electrical engineering, measuring technology, programming and control cabinets construction
  • 2003 – expanding our product range to the testing machines for railway and automotive
  • 2004 – expanding our product range to include industry dryers and heaters